Posmortem: Prologue


Since the dawn of time, darkness had been a source of humanities greatest fears, as well as a symbol for evil, while light had symbolized the good and promised them protection, made them feel save.
Light stood for life, while darkness became the harbinger of death.
Darkness and Light would always be each others counterpart – in perfect harmony.

But hardly anyone had the guts to question this, for darkness houses the unknown and its  human nature to fear the unknown. Yet only those who brave their fears and face the unknown would edge their names into the annals of history.

However, fear is one of the most important traits of any living being.
For those who are fearless, will stumble their ways into deaths grasp  or walk along the fine line and escape its grasp through that very same fearlessness.

But thats just one way to see things, for every coin has two sides.
And just as there is death on the backside of the medal of life, there is light on the backside of the medal of darkness.
The same pattern applies to “good” and “evil” for how would we define one without the other?
Without Life, there would be no death. But without death, a much crueler fate would await any living being. Our divine, immortal souls would not be able to pass on, caged in our mortal flesh forever bound to a frail and dying body.
We would not be able to pass on to new worlds, our souls would neither be able to join our gods in their divine Kingdoms, nor would we be able to complete the cycle of samsara.

Vita, mother of all creations who gave us the gift of life.
Mortem, the father who guides us on the right path through death.
The infinite might of these two divine beings can not even be surpassed by the Creator himself.
The end of earthly life, is just the beginning of every souls Life.
Just like an infant yet to be born into the world, the journey of our souls Life, starts only with our death.

In one way, you could liken death to a key opening the door to a whole new world.
Before death, all living beings are nothing but frogs in a well.
Yet, its not rare for death to cross our plans through its comepletely unexpected and untimely arrival and parts us from our loved ones.
None the less, its a neccessary evil, since a mortals body is just not made to survive the souls complete lifespan, not even just a tiny portion of it. Much less exhaust its full potential.
It would simply be a waste to bind a young soul to a decaying mortals body.

So, all the boundless worlds continued to exist in regulated ways.
Nothing could change these primordial truths. Death and life were omnipresent.
Yet still, something impossible happened that shook all worlds to their very foundation, especially the higher realms and the divine realms.
Mortem, the true embodiment of death, died.
No one, not even Vita or Deus – the creator – had any inkling as to what exactly happened.

But there was no time for grief.
Even if it appeared that Mortems Soul had vanished forever, there had to be someone to take his place as fast as possible.
Without Mortem, there was no Death.
And without Death… there was only Chaos.

Prologue end


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